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Conversation Between Ron!n and SensandRaps

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  1. hey i was wondering if you are interested in reese mcguire or elvis andrus in tkro?
  2. hey are you looking for pitching in tkro by any chance?
  3. Hey I just wanted to let you know that only half of my trade with the royals got processed, I got Henderson and I'm guessing the pick, but Reyes is still on my team when he is supposed to be on KC now
  4. Yeah, it worked.
  5. when you get a chance, can you confirm if my export for sim 2 went through? a fast way to check is if AJ and Roberts are in the lineup vs righties, thanks for the help
  6. sent you my teams file (lineup etc) on aim since i was having trouble uploading it
  7. hey if you get a chance can you msg me on aim before simming?
  8. STL traded their pick to you and KC, you guys are going to have to decide who gets what lol.
  9. i posted the deal involving the astros picks, just a heads up
  10. haha thanks man, and as for zie ill consider it, if you make sure i make the playoffs this season
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