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Conversation Between Ron!n and Hustla23

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  1. LOL It's alright bro. I'm sure you were terribly busy. I plan to be back at one point or another so until then inshaa Allah!
  2. Duuuuude!! I totally forgot you were leaving. My brother came from Chicago and it slipped my mind.

    I feel horrible.
  3. That's cool man. Just text me whenever.

    Also, I leave on the 24th!
  4. It'll depend on the whether and what happens with school since my exams were postponed.

    I'll let you know.
  5. LOL I did not leave my house today at all, bro.

    By the way are you free on Sunday?
  6. How's the snow treating you?
  7. Definitely know the feeling man, it sucks bigtime. Ive got a test I should be studying for but im blowing it off.

    Eid comes around twice a year, gotta enjoy it to the max

    Organic sucks bigtime, im glad I finished with it. What are you studying?
  8. Eid mubarak bro! What are your plans?

    This is my first eid where I won't be chilling with family and visiting relatives. Instead, I'll be studying maniacally for an organic chemistry test. Unbelievably depressing...
  9. Eid Mubarak Hustla!
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