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Conversation Between Ron!n and ewing

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  1. Maybe you should look at what qualifies has a alcohol related accident. I don't think it happens near as much as you think or have been lead to believe. It is tragedy when it does happen and i feel those that drive impaired and cause harm shouldn't get harsh punishments. Still the stats in this area are cooked by a temperance movement. You can't make all morons go away but most people handle there booze responsibly.
  2. My generalization is based on human nature. And the large amount of drunk driving accidents that occur. The folks driving in those wrecks obviously still thought they could take care of themselves but they were mistaken.

    If you're able to stop yourself then kudos, but not everybody can do that.
  3. If i decide to have another then i follow with a water and hang around talking for another 30-40 mins or just say **** it have 6 more and then get a cab. What is your generation based on since you don't drink and don't hang out with people who do?
  4. What I mean is, someone who sees that they're capable of driving with just 2 beers will easily make the jump to thinking they can drive with 3. And then 4. And so on.

    Not many people have the self control to set a limit for themselves and stick to it.
  5. your statement of 2 turning into 4 make a little more sense with that view. I think your definition of what "under the influence" is, is faulty. what you said does jive with your post though.
  6. Personally I think you shouldn't be able to operate a vehicle when you're under the effect of any substance. However, I don't drink and neither do many of my friends so I'm not very versed on the subject.
  7. Do you feel you should be allowed to operate a vehicle with and alcohol in your system- meaning a 0% limit?
  8. I don't have a problem i just figured I'd ask. I didn't think it was off topic. You could just try and give an answer instead of being acting tough, Meat
  9. If you have a problem with me moving your thread, start a thread in the F&S forum or talk to SI.
  10. and you show your meat in the GD forum?
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