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Conversation Between Ron!n and TheKid

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  1. Wanted you to know that I'm going to go ahead and run the arbitration sim.

    Let me know if you want me to do the rest of the week as well, I'm free.
  2. Do you think you can run today's sim? I'm home but internet is out.
  3. done
  4. Can you auto my team this week. Havent been able to get to a computer since I've been traveling all around.
  5. you're up in the team selection draft
  6. Just a reminder about the Monday sim (previous VM) since I forgot to bring it up when we talked. Thanks again!
  7. Hey TK, I'm going to be on a flight all of Monday so I was wondering if you could run the sim for me.
  8. Please just put him in the #6 slot against righties.
  9. My bad. Let me know where you want the player(s) and I'll get it before the sim.
  10. My trade with Houston wasnt done. Probably cause I was the last guy to post.
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