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Conversation Between Ron!n and TheKid

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  1. Yeah ive been operating under the impression that it was still in there. Idk why it would have been removed.
  2. All I recall is you mentioning that to me when I processed a deal last season. You said that it shouldn't have because it didnt involve a player that had cleared waivers.
  3. Hey did we nix the clause about closing the loophole with trading minor leaguers after the waivers start? I don't recall doing so but the clause isnt in the rulebook. Refer to the season chat for full details if you dont know what im talking about lol
  4. Do we have any open teams? Might have a GM.
  5. Just a heads up, my deal with the D-Backs wasn't processed. We can do it before the next sim, no big deal, so I'll PM you my lineup change before that.

  6. Can you remind me of the media contract rules?

    And I fixed elate's thing.
  7. Could you please make sure to do the media contracts? Please and thank you!
  8. Wanted you to know that I'm going to go ahead and run the arbitration sim.

    Let me know if you want me to do the rest of the week as well, I'm free.
  9. Do you think you can run today's sim? I'm home but internet is out.
  10. done
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