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Conversation Between Ron!n and PhillyLuver

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  1. You're up
  2. hey can jackie bradley jr be unretired? i'm guessing it was just a glitch in the game
  3. Hey will media contracts be changed? I want the Dodgers but if the media revenue will get nerfed I'll pick a different team.
  4. You're up in the draft.
  5. And now that I DL'd the new file it says no pending offers when I definitely have some .
  6. Yo Ron, are you sure that the Marlins offers got in there? I beat the offer for Feliciano, Prior, and Spangenberg, but ending up not signing anyone. Plus, a lot of little guys I offered went unsigned. Just wanted to make sure you got them.
  7. I don't have any SP, but I do have a RP you could use. Noguera.
  8. i have a ridiculous amount of pitching now, trade me specs
  9. could you go on aim for a sec
  10. sorry, TK took care of it already
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