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Conversation Between Ron!n and PhillyLuver

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  1. PM is probably better with my schedule, make me an offer.
  2. Would love to trade for Dominguez. Want to talk on AIM?
  3. You're up
  4. hey can jackie bradley jr be unretired? i'm guessing it was just a glitch in the game
  5. Hey will media contracts be changed? I want the Dodgers but if the media revenue will get nerfed I'll pick a different team.
  6. You're up in the draft.
  7. And now that I DL'd the new file it says no pending offers when I definitely have some .
  8. Yo Ron, are you sure that the Marlins offers got in there? I beat the offer for Feliciano, Prior, and Spangenberg, but ending up not signing anyone. Plus, a lot of little guys I offered went unsigned. Just wanted to make sure you got them.
  9. I don't have any SP, but I do have a RP you could use. Noguera.
  10. i have a ridiculous amount of pitching now, trade me specs
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