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Conversation Between cubsofchicago and RandyRocks77

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  1. your up in the draft
  2. you want in the PSDOOTP league? we are sitting half way point in the 1999 season... need to find some replacements
  3. and your up in the draft as well now
  4. need you to check in for the 1992 season
  5. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up... its my week to sim and its also a busy week for Holidays etc.. so I want to Run Spring Training on Sunday Night around 10PM depending if I have any family stuff going on??? but will sim before I go to bed! Opening Day will be Wednesday 12/26 more likely around 10PM as well.. and my last sim will be Friday time TBD.. this way we still get our 3 sims in and plenty of time for Holidays. if you have voted for the polls please do so here Comp System .. IFA and DITR Don't Forget the Positional Fix as well
  6. in wake of all the contraction talk we need to see where we stand on who is here and who isn't, I know that some of you this is pointless but there is a few out there that I haven't heard from so if you don't mind please go ahead and check in

    1991 Mid-Season Check in
  7. you still want the Mets for our OOTP league right?
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