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Conversation Between unwantedplayer and PatsSoxKnicks

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  1. Yeah put it in there lol.
  2. up to you braj
  3. No, not really. Just something really humiliating It's a Giants fan and we both know how much we hate those stupid Giants.

    I think it should include can't spell eliminated without eli tho, don't you?
  4. you have any preferred pics?
  5. okie dokie mang. ill get on it after the celtics game tonight
  6. Hey, so I know you made the sigs for the Pats playoff run. Well, a Giants fan lost a sig bet to me so could you make a sig for him? Maybe with the caption being "Can't spell Eliminated without Eli" and then a picture of Eli crying with Brady holding his 3 SB trophys. Or something like that. He is a fan of both Mannings and obviously doesn't like Brady. So there's a lot to work with.
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