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Conversation Between Sport and vikings4lifebro

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  1. Not a problem my man.
  2. Yeah. Everthing was fine. Thanks for asking bro.
  3. Haha.. I seen yuo made that thread awhile back about leaving for awhile.. was everything ok?
  4. Sport I knew that would crack you up.
  5. HAhahahahahahahahah well the sense of humor is still there haha. Man you crack me up.. I missed you as much as you can miss someone over the internet, thats for sure.
  6. Working. Man its so hot its like 96 degrees everyday. Sport its so hot that I seen a cat drinking a bottle water. I asked him for a sip and he said "GET THE HELL OUT OF MY FACE V4LB"
  7. Bad modding by cubsgirl is all. Where you've been?
  8. Man that's messed up. I was wondering what happen to you.
  9. Yeah, i got banned for changing my name awhile back, and I didn't know it wasn't alowed and I got a month for it. Wow lame.
  10. Everything is good Sport. Glad to have you back bro.
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