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Conversation Between Sport and The Intimidator

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  1. Fair enough. I appreciate it.
  2. not a problem. this site has rules and they need to be followed. if those guys don't want to do so, they can find some other way to spend their time.
  3. Thanks man. Sorry to be "that guy" but as a fan of a team that might struggle this season, I find it annoying.
  4. i left a post in the game thread. i will check back from time to time to see if the baiters return. if they don't care about bans, then i will be happy to oblige them.
  5. Hey, hate to bother you, but you're the only supermod on that I have ever had experience with. In the Bucs forum under the Bucs-Cowboys game thread, there are some major baiters, especally akfugatt or whatever the hell his name is. DBroncs warned everybody earlier in the thread and he continues to spew garbage. He was even in the Cowboy forum saying he doesn't care if he gets banned. Not to be a tattling little girl, but something needs to happen. It's out of control.
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