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Conversation Between b_rad23 and DQL

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  1. no thank you. roy's a top 12 fantasy player, hibbert is breaking out, and curry is my favorite player, bar none.

    i don't like deng- at all. wouldn't trade for him. didn't see your offers before as i haven't been on much.
  2. on the other hand, would you do Roy+Curry+Hibbert for Deng+Mayo+Felton? Curry=Felton so it could reduce to Roy+Hibbert for Mayo+Deng. Mayo and Deng are both 18pt scorers. Taking away Hibbert's shot blocking, he's a pretty unworthy fantasy player. Take note that Roy is currently injuried and could struggle when returns
  3. I wonder why you didn't respond to my offer below. I hope our heated arguments were not the reason. I don't really need to make that deal but G-Wall is one of my favs. If I can get him for the players on my trade block (Deng+Felton) it would be great
  4. ok then would the same package get me Gerald Wallace or David Lee?
  5. no way my man.
  6. Hey Brad, I know it's too early for me to come back with another trade offer but would you do Roy for Deng + Felton? I've just got Dwight from MiamiHeat so right now I have Paul at PG, Lebron at SF, Bosh at PF and Howard at C for my fab starting 5. I now need a SG to complete that lineup. Since Diehard and ATX won't let me get Wade and Kobe, I gotta go to plan C, which is Roy.

    Deng is a beast this year. Dude is averaging 17.4 pts, 7.9 rebs, 2.1 asts and a block. Felton had a slow start to the season (that's why his stats doesn't look as good as it used to be) but is bouncing back (16 ppg and 5 apg in December). Roy, while being considered the 3rd best SG in the NBA, isn't known for putting up monster numbers. I know this offer doesn't look pretty, but statistically it's a good deal for you.

    What do you think?

    To be honest I don't have high hope on this one. I've already prepared plan D in case I don't get Roy. Hopefully I won't ever have to consider that plan
  7. I've just put up the deal. You can accept it right away if you like it
  8. well I don't think you really need to get equal amount of rebounds in return. You already have a lot of great rebounders: Wallace (11.9 rpg), Camby (11.5), Lee (10.8). In fact, you would be the best rebounding team if you stay active.

    I'd like to include Hamilton in any deal. Not bc he sucks (he will give you his usual 18-3-4), it's just I don't like old players. LeBron (25) is my oldest player. Yes you heard it right. That's the way I run my fantasy teams.

    If you still want more rebounds then I'll throw in Ersan Ilyasova. Dude is the starting PF of the Bucks. You might have never heard of him (bc he's just returned from Europe). Dude is only 22 and is averaging 11.7 pts, 7.1 rebs and especially 1.3 3's per game.

    The deal would look like Beasley+Hamilton+Ilyasova for Bosh+Azubuike (he's out for the season)+Julian Wright (dude just flat out sucks). Great deal statistically for you

    Deal? C'mon I know you want Beasley
  9. Idr the offer.

    I obviously do like Beasley.

    No Rip or Landry preferably and if I'm giving up a ton of boards I need to get some back.

    Just in general, I can't lose too much in any category.

    As long as that's done and I don't lose a favorite player, then i'll prob accept
  10. ight Brad, what will you say if I replace Deng with Beasley?
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