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Conversation Between Metal Militia and 1-800-STFU

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  1. Change Nathan to Morrigan, I'm posting you have him in the matchup but probably a good idea to avoid confusion
  2. Finish your VG redraft clubhouse(if your not finished), I'm posting matchups tomorrow night.
  3. You be up again, make your last pick.
  4. You are up right now, but updated clubhouse and it's the 6th round.

    Please update it before you pick.

  5. Just a friendly heads up, if your clubhouse isn't fully updated by your pick in the 6th round I'm not letting people pick. This is going for everyone

  6. UR up in VG redraft
  7. CB is auto skipped.

    Pick again
  8. You are upp
  9. cb is skipped, pick again
  10. You are up in the VG redraft
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