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Conversation Between Big_T and Hawkeye15

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  1. If he is willing, sure.
  2. man i don't have time to do my responsibilities as tm this season. Can i im goku how to make the threads and have him start making them?
  3. No problem. Lets shoot for Tuesday of every week??
  4. go ahead and leave the miami guys up and i'll make next weeks now and have it ready.
  5. No worries man. I will close that other one whenever you create, and let everyone know you will be doing them this season, so please refrain from creating duplicates.
  6. holy cow i completely forgot about the gt's. my apologies Hawk, I'll get one posted up tonight after work.
  7. Are you willing to do Texans GT's? Posting them on Wed of every week? If so, I will let everyone in the Texans forum know to please not create a thread about the game, you can close if you agree, and you see them post it.
  8. Let me know if you are cool with my PM man, and we will go from there
  9. yeah i'm screwed at rb this week...i have cj1k, mendy, hightower, bloutn, and ridley the kid in new england...rumors are hightower is has been downgraded to the passing downs back, mendy's hurt, blounts hurt, and ridley didn't do anything in 10 carries against the jjets...someone offered me aj green and ryan mathews for calvin...which is tempting because of what those two have done this season...but that kind of power houses his team, he's already got andre and vincent : /
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