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Conversation Between HeaTxRipZz and monkeyboy

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  1. I have MSI so will the EVGA Precision still work?
  2. okay thanks Im not going to Ivy yet I think im sticking with Sandy for now
  3. Cheapest would probably be p67. You can get a ton of performance out of it. You can't go wrong with any of the choices. I had an Intel P67DE Board for a year and it ran very smooth while playing BF3. z77 is newer tech so it runs better but there's no MAJOR differences.

    What it will come down to is deciding between Sandy bridge and Ivy Bridge. I personally upgraded from Sandy to Ivy and I've seen a bump in performance with PCI-E 3.0 being enabled. If you go with Ivy bridge you definitely want to go with a z77 board. I've heard there are some awesome z68's at a cheaper price but like I mentioned before z77 is newer tech I'd trust it more with Ivy bridge
  4. what the difference between these MOB z68, z77, p67 or is there not much what would best for gaming? cheapest?
  5. Without an SSD drive you would be looking at around $1060 now with an SSD I would say add another $120 or so to that total. With the setup I put up you would pretty much be able to run every game that's out and have some head room for future games and future upgrades
  6. Hey how much the parts cost for you that you mention in the computer thread. I'm going to build my own when I get the money for it my limit is 1 grand.
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