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Conversation Between Cubs Win and behnke2017

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  1. Gotcha. Yeah hopefully with my spring break coming up I can make a few appearances in the GFX forum.
  2. It's there...nothing really took off with it.
  3. Yeah, I actually had a pretty blood clot last September, and I was bored being one of the only kids back home so I got really into working out and I've been hooked since then. How's your website been going? The 2017designz one?
  4. I saw you were looking in the Fitness Forum OTT and figured I'd give you shout. Haven't seen you around here much. I haven't done much lately. I've been busy doing websites and such so it leaves little time to do graphics.
  5. Not really. I'm so busy with school and working out that I barely have time. Funny you mentioned it though, because just today I found out that NIU (my school) gives its students free access to Photoshop CS3 Online so I'm hoping if I get some free time I can play around with it. What about you? And why do you ask?
  6. You doing GFX anymore?
  7. That's pretty cool. I'm about to go to sleep but I'll have to give it a longer look at some point tomorrow or Saturday.
  8. Sweet, congrats man. Send me a link to it and I'll check it out. Never know when I'll get that free time and dive back into a few sigs.
  9. Yeah I'm still at it. Started my own site to share resources a few months ago. I think I might have talked about it back when you were doing it and it finally happened.
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