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Conversation Between Cubs Win and MJ-BULLS

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  1. totally dude. today made my day.

    Ive also seen other colts fans wearing my sig in other boards. The luck is spreading around, maybe goodell saw it.
  2. Well the Rams AND Dolphins won today. Maybe he saw it and the fix is in!
  3. haha yeah, but how can i do it.

    if there was a way to do this with the bulls or colts, or any team of that matter i would have done it already. lol.
  4. Duuuude! That's nasty!! Send that to Goodell and he'll have to give the Colts the #1 pick!
  5. how you like my sig.
  6. It worked!! Thanks man.
  7. here is the animated weedle if you want to use it.
  8. Haha yeah, I'm going to college now (at Northern Illinois), so I don't really ever have time to make sigs anymore. I might make a few over my thanksgiving and winter break when I go home but I just never have time here.
  9. dude were u been, u don't make sigs no more?
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