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Conversation Between val_modus and marvILLous

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  1. hey man, theres also another co-gm on the clips his name is streetballa, i forgot he was still around lol, but you can just be there to guide them and what not haha
  2. alright your co-gm is sep11ie .. just help him out with everything and yaa!
  3. sure
  4. yaa your co gm is pretty active but he just needs a second opinion on trades and stuff.. you down for it? it's the clippers
  5. mehh i could be a co, not as active as i used to be, but i could help someone out
  6. wanna return to the sim league? we have a gm who needs an experienced co gm
  7. watr u willing to offer?
  8. wat would hawes cost?
  9. Taylor + YI + 2 1sts
  10. naw not for cash. what's the best offer you have for gay? lemme see if i can try to top it lol
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