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Conversation Between val_modus and phlp_bj

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  1. we might be restarting in a few seasons in the nba sim. i am in charge of recruiting possible gm's. would you have interest in playing?
  2. Na man not right now, wayy too busy with college stuff, sorry dude
  3. any interest in coming back to the nba sim league? we have 2 teams open
  4. hey i want monroe. the clippers and i had talks and we come up with the offer of:

    affalo+seraphin+1st+tons of cash for monroe
  5. hey i just wanted to remind everyone in the midwest to post in the midwest claims thread if u spend or claim anything. thanks.
  6. no sorry
  7. Is Bias available?
  8. not really
  9. trading hill? if so, wats his price?
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