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Conversation Between Hellcrooner and zB_#85

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  1. sup
  2. u are up in the dft
  3. hey, i told you it was to early to pick him
  4. you made Thornton such a trrrible athlete
  5. ok.
    just need a good pg and ill contend again, guess only one more tanking year to get irving or knight
  6. Yea him, Cousins, and Favors were all made as PF/c with no change
  7. did you make monroe to stay at same d at pf'?
  8. its too early to judge, some of then will be late bloomers.

    At least wall, favours, cousins, monroe, George, should be very good.

    Then make some of these with a ChANce to be good, turner, aminu, hayward, ed davis ( he is paying very good for raps now), patterson, bledsoe, bradley, vasquez, bjelica.

    I agree the rest of the class is crap
  9. Lol its probably not gonna be that great b/c it wasn't IRL.
  10. make a good class for gods sake!!!
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