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Conversation Between Claymation and jomota

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  1. Get real, will ya. Jeezuz.

    There was absolutely no slur there. You're being absurd.
  2. When are you moderators going to do something about ReyesRulez? The guy/gal argues with almost every thing he posts. Everyone who disagrees with him is painted as immature or not on his adult plane…whatever that is. He even has the ability st start an argument with people who agree with him. He grates on an awful lot of posters here.
  3. Not upset at all. Just looking for consistency.

    Don''t worry about it and no need to respond.
  4. So why didn't you say that and why didn't you indicate that the idiot who posted the porn site was also deleted. As it now stands, your deletiing me like that makes only me look foolish.

    Ain't that a kick in the head.
  5. Why the deletion? Should you not give a reason?
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