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Conversation Between Claymation and jetsforever

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  2. Clay, how would you feel if we reopened the Haynesworth thread and made it entirely about the AFC East. Since they are our rivals, I think it has some relevance to our forum if its all of our rivals.
  3. Should we close that reminder thread?
  4. Vote for me man! I wanna stay as the Jets TM
  5. Ok man. Good point. I won't argue with you, you're the mod .

    I just don't like when it looks trashy but I understand what you mean
  6. Let them go nuts, my biggest complaint with the site was there was only 3 to 4 active threads. And everything got piled in one thread, It was confusing and a ton of great conversation and points were lost. Our job is to make sure threads don't go off topic and merge multiple threads about the same topic. The draft is enormous and should cover a wide variety of topics.
    Our job is to lead and not dictate on what is going on in the Jets forum. I want to encourage new users to enjoy posting, as long as it meets the criteria of PSD.
  7. I guess. I just don't really see the point of having like a billion threads virtually talking about the same thing. I think if they had it like it was the official draft thread, people would be more inclined to actually talk about all draft players in there rather than make new threads on it.

    Should we be merging the threads about the draft into there?
  8. The whole idea is to get more traffic on that forum and if you asked them the question in a friendly manner, people are more inclined to answer.
  9. Should we change the thread with all the draft talk to "The official draft talk"

    Would make the forum less ****** no?
  10. The thread will die soon enough. It isn't even worth the effort.
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