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Conversation Between MetsFanatic19 and metswon69

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  1. Dude what you don't post here anymore?
  2. To edit your sig, just go to settings on the upper right corner of the page..

    When you click it, scroll down and look on the left side of the page.

    You can edit it there.
  3. Very nice!!

    One of my favorite scenes besides Daniel Stern getting electrocuted..
  4. I figured I'd get in on the whole "Home Alone gif" bandwagon.

  5. It's never enough with this guy.

    2 guys are potential aces?

    The Mets should trade Matt Harvey right now then because he BLOWS too.
  6. Stop posting facts and using common sense! Zack Wheeler blows!
  7. Anything is better than Vader and "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"

    Or Episode 2
  8. Yeah Disney has had its classics and blunders. it should be interesting to see how it actually turns out.
  9. Haha great sig lmao but in all seriousness aside i don't think Disney will be any worse than George Lucas was owning the Star Wars rights (especially the prequels )

    Disney owns Marvel's rights and they have done a pretty decent job with a lot of those films so i am semi confident the New Star Wars won't be that terrible lol.
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