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Conversation Between chicago lulz and marlinsfan24

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  1. Eh, it goes both way really. Just team pride. Can't do anything about that.
  2. Just in general. I was looking at the Bulls forum and every little negative thing someone says about the team becomes a major issue with them.

    And yeah, I'm likely done posting in the NBA forum for a long while. So glad baseball's starting up.
  3. essentially no one can have an opinion, negative or positive, when it comes to the NBA rule. Posters are too defensive when it comes to their teams/players. I don't really care for the NBA forum these days.

    Are you talking about a specific thread? Say...the LBJ on Rose MVP thread?
  4. I'm really beginning to wonder, can someone have a negative opinion of a player on PSD without being a hater?
  5. Haha, it's PSD man, I wouldn't expect any less. Of course you're allowed to lose. It was a good overall game. That last Lebron drive could have gone either way, foul wise.

    The thing is with the Big 3, you as fans and as a team have targets on your backs. People are just looking for the Heat to lose so they can talk ****.

    I know you, along with some other Heat PSDers, are respectable posters and that's why I feel it's quite unfair to you guys. Just do your best to ignore others/don't give a ****.
  6. You're one of the Bulls fans I really respect on here, so I wanted to ask you a question, what was the difference in the loss today for the Heat and the Bulls or Lakers losing to the Cavs or Raptors. Heat just played one of their worst all around games. We aren't allowed to have one of those?
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