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Conversation Between Storch and lakers4sho

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  1. bro! check it out in the off-topic thread i posted the link.

    it's a small place and not that well-known (yet), so it's not surprising that many haven't heard of it.
  2. Where's Cici's?

    I live in the Valley but I've never heard of it, is that a bad thing?
  3. well margarito's gonna say "I want to keep fighting" of course, but it's his corner's job to step in and stop the fight no matter what he says because at that point marg isn't really thinking about consequences, he's just fighting out of pride
  4. Yeah man that was a great fight! Margarito's stupid for trying to keep fighting. Didnt he look like a zombie out there? it was as if he was undead and none of the punches were hurting him, regardless of how his face is looking.

    mayweather doesnt want to lose his undefeated record, thats all.
  5. pac completely dominated last night!! horrible decision making by marg's corner not to stop the fight

    if only gayweather would grow a pair
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