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Conversation Between Rolla and opaloco chicho

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  1. Dale brother
  2. no doubt . but when i do if i do i gotta dedicate my time to it like back then i just dont have time now cuz of work and other stuff. but yea man ill let u know i can make stuff off the head without writing it down ..well i used to fo sho homie. take it easy
  3. Whenever you feel like getting back up on the horse get at me
  4. ya'll got some good music man... yea i fell u all that equipment is expensive as hell...
    i like the beats yall got. i wrote for a while but i never thought i'd go anywhere with it so i left it but i did it for a few years in high school and riht after graduating also
  5. Actualy we have our own studio but its shut down right now because saving up for a new microphone (very expensive) also a few other parts. If you want to hear a few of our songs go to
  6. nice.. nah man i wish they paid for my gas..but they pay good so is str8...
    hip hop man. raggae ,raggaeton but mostly 80% of wat i listen to is hip hopi dont write though but yall got tight music ya'll make?? yall got a studio?? cuz i know some chico that works at a gas station right next to my house that his homeboi owns a studio so he had told me if i knew anyone who needed studio time to let him know. iam sure u gotta like pay for studio time and all that though ...
  7. Wow i hope they pay for your gas dude. Im in a hip hop group called TZF GOON SQUAD. I write lyrics and im the producer and manager. What kind of music do you dig?
  8. oh. i see. yea i wouldnt doubt JO and moon would probably play some good minutes during the playoffs.
    Insurance man. working for an insireance comp in ft. lauderdale. bro el trip que me hago daily no es facil bro...from cutler ridge to ft lauderdale everyday son! painful! but with the economy iam happy to just have a job right now . feel me?lol and u bro?
  9. Well you know they never show the player intros on tv but when he scored the crowed would realy hyped. Moon didin't do much because of limited minutes. Im positive they will do great here. Oye what do you do?
  10. AQUI MENG.. CHILLING same ol' u saw the whole game? bro i only saw the highlights on espn i didnt get to see the actual game..did JO and moon get an ovation?
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