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Conversation Between Rolla and King Koopa

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  1. Asking every Heat fan to rock on this sig.
  2. Yeah she will like it, shes not a rap fan but she will trust me. Im planning to walking into her 5th period on monday while everyone one is reading and give her roses the cd with your song and a special gift. Right now Im thinking about naming a star after her as the gift. But its going to cost me money.
  3. Nice Song man, Thanks man. Owe you big time. Whos the one singing the song bro, who ever it is tell him i give him big props and now Im a big fan of you people. GO GOON SQUAD BABY!!!!
  4. Dam thanks Rolla you the man bro, heres the Email address:
  5. Naw Im not a pimp, ever since i got back with my girlfriend lol(never was one before that either.) Bro do you have any songs you think i can delicate to my girlfriend because i want to give her a song that shes never heard?
  6. Chilling Chico, how about you? Writing Music? And if so how that going?
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