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Conversation Between Rolla and LayZbone

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  1. im almost done with my 2nd year.
  2. No doubt do you. You almost done or just started?
  3. im killin it right now at FIU. majoring in business-finance son. gotta make that cake, feel me?
  4. Haha yesir. whas hapening? Hows school? when we gonna make a tribute to bob marley lol
  5. Dwyane "I make it do what it does" Wade. Best nickname ever, courtesy of da boss aka Rolla.
  6. Whats happening brother?
  7. yesir lets make it happeen
  8. lol that'll be our good luck ritual b4 every game
  9. My Dude LayZbone, Dade county represnta himself. when we gomma burn one for the heat?
  10. Rolla stays on that grind!
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