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Conversation Between nyKnicks126 and ACanadian

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  1. I think it top 4 this year and top 3 next yea, ttyl though.
  2. Top three protected.. You never know in the lottery! But yeah you don't want to trade your core for players like that..
  3. We don't got a pick this year or maybe next year, BC is currently in 'Operation Save My Job', so he will probably trade our entire young core for Stat or Pau...
  4. Well if you don't make the playoffs you always have a nice pick to build on. This draft class looks good so.. Hopefully you guys get Rudy Gay that would be a nice piece to build around.
  5. Our team is second round exit at best, we need Andrew Wiggins to have a bright future IMO
  6. Good luck with your Raptors man. Your team has a bright future with all those youngsters.
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