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Conversation Between dolfan720 and Mile High Champ

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  1. ok i will play tomorrow. Sorry
  2. Just a reminder to play your League game in the Madden league, hopefully we can advance soon. Thanks
  3. Please play your game in the madden league!
  4. sorry about that ill drop him in a bit. Dolfan720
  5. You are only allowed to pick up two free agents this weekend. Free agency free for all starts tomorrow at 6pm est. Please keep only two players.. Also MLB Mitchell rights belong to the Eagles from the draft, Please drop him.

  6. thanks........
  7. Trade Accepted..
  8. Quick trade i wanna do

    I get
    Dante Rosario TE 70
    David Clowney WR 66

    Panthers get
    Jason Allen CB 73
    Jeron Mastrud TE 57

    cool? and who do i get out of my list in free agency? Thanks!
  9. any intrest in ronnie brown for ricky williams in madden league?
  10. You are now free to play Week 1 Games. Check out the league thread!
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