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Conversation Between KnickVeteran and 29$JerZ

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  1. whats up bro, how you been?
  2. That's cool bro...stay with it
  3. Nah, I'll graduate next year.
  4. What's going on Bro? Did you graduate yet?
  5. Tell me about it, I had a few bad professors myself. For 2010, just keep the faith.
  6. Been tough, mostly family issues and having 2 God awful professors.
    It's all good though, glad to hear you doing well.
  7. Happy Holidays!!!!! But, I'm doing pretty good for the most part. Bout to get ready for my last semester. How's everything with you?
  8. Hey bro just thought I say what's up and see how you've been.
  9. I don't play for my school, not tall enough.
    I play a lot in between classes and when the Gym is filled.

    Do whatever you want to get your head in its right spot. Just take it easy.

    And yeah, I'm a small guard so I stand no chance.
  10. Oh, that's cool. Didn't know you play ball. 1 on 1 you have no chance lol I'm taking another semester off to get my head straight. Only got two semester's to go until I graduate. But I miss school though.
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