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Conversation Between WickedBadMan and Corey

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  1. Sounds like you're doing really well brah, especially at 22 years old, I imagine you got something else lined up if you're stepping down from where you're at, congrats. I just went crawling back to my hourly job at Macy's, putting that college education to work. /lifefail

    I'm mirin' that rep count, I might come to you if I ever suffer a massive neg haha. The Misc is an addicting place, but I'm sure you're peppered, I've managed to quit Facebook but can't see myself kicking the Misc habit any time soon.
  2. Just under 7k posts and about 11.5k reps. I'm stepping down from neogenix at the end of the month so I might be coming to the misc to rustle jimmies more often
  3. Hahaha, I laughed heartily reading that.

    Nice man, that's sounds pretty sweet. I am indeed a MISCer, I was only posting here for the longest time, but then started just posting in Sports Misc since it is more or less the same as here with more memes, gifs and a slightly lower knowledge of sports overall.

    I only have about 240ish reps, been getting negged a lot lately for not kissing high rep ***, rustling jimmies n what not. How many posts you got on the forums over there?
  4. You're a miscer? Negged.

    I'm a company rep for Neogenix. Do most of my posting in the Supplement forum.
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