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Conversation Between boilerguy2412 and icehogfan08

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  1. you have Foligno still, asking price?
  2. im still down for that Umby deal... Up to you, let me know
  3. he dude sorry i forgot about your UMBy deal... Im down for it still if you can eat 25%
  4. you gonna post our Umby deal
  5. k im good with that
  6. Chad Rau 7.0 C centre prospect
    Colby Roback 7.0 B defense
  7. i deleted my old pm's can u just refresh my memory, lol
  8. i'll do it, let me post the NTC
  9. whats up with my Umby offer
  10. whats up with that offer i made to you. We can take Talbt out if you really want to keep him
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