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Conversation Between boilerguy2412 and imtheman17

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  1. hmm I'm really not big on Hamrlik, haven't been for a long time tbh
  2. what would u be looking for. Chimera, Thomas and Hamrlik for Luo, Defense, forward
  3. hmm what could you offer along with Thomas? I kinda view Thomas as a bit of a downgrade right now because he's not playing
  4. im interested in Luongo
  5. thanks man. I'll be floating around...just no time to think haha
  6. lol. alright i pm'ed you an offer which is pretty much what ur after. let me know when u have some time, i will check my messages later
  7. lol very little man..I have so much work to do right now haha. I hate being a senior
  8. lol alright, well i can meet all your demands, im guessing you have not time to talk now
  9. Wouldn't mind talking at some point cause I am a Clutterbuck fan. Just busy trying to do some transcrbing, which is a giant pain in the *** for me lol
  10. if you wanna talk trade send me a Chatzy
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