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Conversation Between boilerguy2412 and jrice9

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  1. will keep it in mind
  2. Chimera + Fistric for Roman Josi and Dave Moss?
  3. i have a deal in place for him.
  4. I need a bit of a bottom 6 upgrade to justify it. I'm trying to think of something. Kovalev can't play anywhere on my team at all.

    Do you even have Hanzal btw? Not in your clubhosue.
  5. sorry man i am not giving up anythign more then Hanzal. I think that deal is fair. The only person i would be willing to add is Kovalev
  6. How about this:

    Martin Hanzal + Zack Smith for Ruutu + John Mitchell
  7. sure
  8. can i get trade advice
  9. I have Lupul.

    Clutterbuck is not enough lol
  10. any intrest in Kindl for your 21st pick
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