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Conversation Between metsbulls1025 and Ray_R

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  1. Thanks. Besides I didnt have much money on my debit card so cant really complain.
  2. Cyber Monday starts this Monday and there will be deals on every website. Just keep checking around this site because people will post stuff.
  3. I snoozed im still glad I got something. Besides Two is better than nothing. I was going o get that skylander game for 70 bucks yesterday but held off. If I would of gotten it for 10 i would of been doing back flips. Now the hard part begins shopping for my other nephews and nieces.
  4. The sale started at 12 am easter time and I missed a lot of the good ones. I wanted to get that 150 dollar collector edition Star Wars set for 10 bucks.
  5. I wish this would of been up earlier to get that spyro game for him. ****!
  6. Thanks for the video games deal. I had to thank you in person. The only games I was able to get that I wanted for my nephew was gears of war 3 and Tekken vs street fighter. I was going to pay $30.00 yesterday at walmart just for gears of war
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