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Conversation Between metsbulls1025 and Reyes6

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  1. The title changes where due to Russo's style of booking. With him not being with TNA they most likely won't be chaning titles often.
  2. I'm running a wrestling fantasy league for PSD and was wondering the difference between the TNA and WWE titles. I did some research and found they are actually almost equivalent with changes, defenses, and reigns.
  3. Sure. Was this brought up in a thread?
  4. Thanks for the help.
  5. If you are talking about all their belts then TNA defends theirs more between PPV's and Impacts. Like the X Division, Tag Titles, Knockouts Title, and World Title are defended on PPV and once in a while on Impact. The only TNA belt that really gets no love is the TV Title.

    WWE at times will not defend the US Belt, IC Belt, or Tag Belts for months.

    So TNA defends their belts more and gives their secondary titles more importance. Austin Aries is the X Division champion and he was part of the ME on Impact this week.
  6. Hey metsbulls, you seem pretty knowledgeable about TNA (since you create the impact threads). I was wondering how often do they defend their championships in relation to how often WWE defends their championships?
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