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Conversation Between metsbulls1025 and boilerguy2412

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  1. lol, thanks man, i know it's goign to be crazy i am hoping i can catch it on youtube
  2. you should start up that blog again
  3. I would watch both sets. Not this weeks, but next weeks is out, but apparently a lot of TNA wrestlers tweeted saying the early spoilers are wrong. I would definitely watch both weeks because the matches will be great. However if you can't watch this week make sure to watch next weeks because a big name returns.
  4. how was this weeks impact tapings, were they good or should i just read the spoilers. I really want to like TNA again don't give any of the good stuff away
  5. Yeah that's cool.
  6. would u be interested in teaming up for the trivia contest
  7. It is the Frontline and Whoresmen together to stop MOK from ruining the game. They started to ask for votes outside of the game and they were getting like 20 votes per match.
  8. hey man whats the deal with this untouchables thing someone said i was on it.
  9. sign me up.
  10. Yup. TNA stable called Front Line. I was going to message everyone on Thursday. My plan is to get all the belts or as many as we can and rename them like the NWO did. Let me know if your interested.
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