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Conversation Between StoicSentry and StarvingKnick22

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  1. Oh my bad, wasn't talkin about anyone in particular.
  2. read you post before that. i thought you were refering to him.
  3. Who is D12_fan? Don't know him.
  4. D12_fan has been banned. He'll be back in March.
  5. I just find basketball a tough sport to watch. It's better than crap like golf or tennis IMO but that's about it. The terrible officiating and the superstar worship irritates me. Like when someone was a Magic fan but they become a Laker fan instead because Howard was traded there... lame.
  6. Melo's putting up MVP numbers. And I hope you realize its because of the sport. I don't like the Yankees as much as the Knicks and Jets. Cause I don't like the sport as much.
  7. I'm still going to root for the Knicks, yes. I have been for years now. I don't like them as much as the Jets, Mets or Isles but I still like them. With the exception of Melo...
  8. So your just gonna be a knick fan again?
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