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Conversation Between Mile High Champ and PatsSoxKnicks

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  1. interested in doing the superhero re-draft? sign-ups are up:
  2. Didn't get either one from you.
  3. That is odd. I sent the bucks one. You get it?
  4. I have 2 deals that involve your team but neither sent from you. FYI.
  5. Yes, thats fine.
  6. Yes that would be correct. Can I simply edit the original pitch? My team still has two MLE's to use.
  7. Hey was your offer to JO part of the MLE? Because if so, specify that. Otherwise, according to your clubhouse, you don't have cap for him.
  8. Thanks for fixing the Antawn thread title.
  9. Can you fix Antawn Jamison's name. I had a typo and added an E by accident. Thanks.
  10. Thanks, much appreciated as I have to update bynum and wade before I go to bed.
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