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Conversation Between Mile High Champ and Ill21

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  1. Yeah I'm out
  2. please let me know your status in the league? If you don't want to be in it, let me know so I can remove you. It aint hard to respond.
  3. Are you done with the madden league? Let me know either way.
  4. I will tomorrow afternoon, writing a paper right now and have class til 3 tomorrow
  5. League is still going on so continue to be active if you can. You play your game this week yet?
  6. Yeah, the only reason I became inactive was because I lost power for a week and heard nothing about the league after that
  7. I know your were very active early on in the madden league but I have not seen much of you the last few weeks. Are you still game to be a part of the league? Hopefully you can. Let me know either way.
  8. You accept?
  9. Sent two offers. Take one
  10. Not sure I want to trade shields. Honestly not sure if an trade much more that mallet since I was surprised to see how low Vick had fallen.
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