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Conversation Between Mile High Champ and sharper1219

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  1. Hey, sorry i havn't gotten back to you. But unfortunately, i'm not interested in joining the madden league. I just don't have enough time atm.
  2. Madden league. Interested?
  3. Interested in a Fantasy Draft Madden Connected Career league? Sign ups are in the madden forum right now.
  4. You are now free to play Week 1 Games. Check out the league thread!
  5. Join the league tonight because i am giving ppl the go ahead to start playing games today.
  6. Hey, You are getting this message because you are either currently in my madden league or you have inquired in the past about joining a madden league. There are new signups and rules about this league which can be found in the madden forum. Please go read them if you are interested in signing up. Please only serious users who know they will be active.
    Follow the link below.

  7. We have advanced to week 17!!
  8. Hey man, Sorry we have no advanced to the next week. I got so caught up running the ALL time NBA redraft and forgot about Madden. I know crazy right. Anyway, I want to make this league very active again. I hope to advance Saturday if that is possible. Lets get the discussion going again in our League discussion forum!

  9. Yeah i saw, i cancelled it once the guy said something.
  10. Knighton and Brooks are already in a trade, so you cant get them. Sorry man..
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