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Conversation Between Mile High Champ and Joshtd1

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  1. Bringing the original Madden league back. We are already almost done the 2nd season and I simply don't want to quit on it completely given how much time we have all spent on it. I want to make it work and so I am continuing where we left off. If you have left the league, please return and lets make this league great once more.

  2. Sounds good. I will put you on active in the next 30 minutes. Please play your game tonight as I will be advancing.
  3. i sent message on 360. im ready to be removed off auto, i am back online
  4. When can you play?
  5. When can you play me? We face each other this week.
  6. Did you resign your free agents yet?
  7. Might be able to play shortly if you are on.
  8. Tonight if you'd like, or tomorrow?
  9. When can you play our game?
  10. No worries man, we all get busy. Just wanted to find out as it is always good to have lots of active users.
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