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Conversation Between southpaw24 and WindyCityFlyer

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  1. Hey Windy, i didnt see your post about going on COD to help ya with the theatre thing until today. next time you see me on we'll get ya straightend out
  2. Yeah buddy, I'll get it going here soon.... want to get it set up for black ops
  3. congrats bro! No rush on the 360 tho, we still all miss you! haha.
  4. Oh yeah forgot to tell ya Im engaged now too... 360 will take a while to get goin.... live expired and have no wireless adapter for it
  5. Windy.... been a while buddy..... yeah havent been around for a while... no longer living in ontario... i am now a manitoban haha... im further west then you now
  6. Your back! Now to get your 360 goin!
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