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Conversation Between calijetzfan and jetsforever

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  1. Whatever dude. He's a fool if thats the case. Tell one of the Dolphins mods.
  2. ha ha! i think ryang backed out! figures! i never expect **** talking dolphins fans to ever show up after a loss oh well!
  3. Ok here is how it should go. Click on my profile. Underneath all of my friends should be the list of groups i am in over >>>>>>>>

    Click on join groups.
    Scroll down right to the bottom and click on create group
  4. Forget about the dolphin fans and all this zero tollerance stuff. Don't worry about the posts being deleted. They wont be back in the forum IMO
  5. Don't worry buddy. You get in no trouble at all. When you respond to baiting the post will be deleted because it just derails from the thread. You are fine, its the other guy who gets in trouble.

    Dbroncs is the big mod on the forum. He has powers in every forum. So when you report a post, he sees it and he will respond. He is a cool guy
  6. hi jf i was wondering when that pats fan was "baiting" i really dont know what it is, but all i did was ask him why he was in there, how come a denver bronco's fan (dbroncos78087) is allowed to erase my post?
  7. I'm going to move your Revis thread into the official Revis thread ok? Noteworthy news deserves its own thread but not exactly that... although it is some good information
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