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Conversation Between Jayg1712 and WildWesty

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  1. Kind of long story. To sum it up I don't post there anymore. I'll explain to you in long version if you want on aim. (my aim is wildwesty36)
  2. Yea you wont catch me their either, or even the Redskins forum much. pathetic, hows SLC
  3. Kind of. I've been pretty active in the NFL ReDraft forum here. I just can't handle the immaturity in the NFL Forum anymore though.
  4. yea dude. long time no freakin post huh?

  5. hai!

    Do you have AIM?
  6. Have fun man.
  7. Seeya.

    Good to see ya back, I'm going on a little vacation thing for the weekend, hopefully I'll have internet...
  8. Ill check it out tomorrow, thanks for the info. Time for a little movie time though. ill see you around westy
  9. I just sent it to you in a PM to be safe.

    You should also sign up for the mock!!!
  10. Yea sounds good ill check it out. link por favor?
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