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Conversation Between Jayg1712 and Iodine

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  1. Dude, CNN's new mixtape sucks
  2. no! i refuse. he drops free agent when i tell him too, so **** you!
  3. Change your sig to June 15th!
  4. I remember when I was listening to him for the first time on then word tape I was like holy **** this guy is ill.

    Plus im pretty sure only he makes the concept of kawl me into a good song
  5. hes soo dope it shouldnt be allowed. Run this Town is crazy, but his jacking for beats mixtape ( ) is just really good. although yaowa is ******** to even spell let alone say.. joell is a nice guy
  6. Yaowa= You Are One World Away

    Run this town, ortiz in this *****, and I go off or my ball (forget which one it is) are sexual
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