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Conversation Between Jayg1712 and Buckwheat

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  1. I still feel like it's his best album.. which also means I feel it's in the top 10 of all time

    Dude is really the artist of our generation. **** Jay-Z, **** Eminem. It's all about Yeezy now. I still feel he has two top ten albums and three top 20 albums. Just amazing.
  2. great answer haha. If there was a few more songs on their and he took out Monster which is so overrated its gross, it would be absolutely a classic.
  3. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. That's what's going to be better
  4. Haha i know man it really does. wish i could support the guy more but the pushbacks are really setting me off, but each track he releases is pretty good.. Which is gonna be better : Friday Night lights or Free Agent?
  5. Free Agent - ?

    That album needs to come!
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