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Conversation Between Cheezombie and behindmydesk

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  1. Wow great game.
  2. I went to the last game at the old stanford stadium. It was against ND
  3. Ha we don't, but you guys got to be really good so now it's a pain because of how good you are. I went to the ND MSU game, and stanford just had beaten USC, but no one in the stadium really knew so as we left I was telling ND fans and USC lost and we all were very happy for you guys
  4. Didn't even realize the fighting irish hated stanford
  5. So you like the niners and i'm a raiders fan, and now I see you like stanford, and of course i'm an Irish fan. So much hate between us because of your bad decisions on who to root for outside of the A's! HA
  6. That video was kindof a summary. There are plenty of books, documentaries available online. I recently was found an article way back from 1971 claiming the same sort of things: That the Federal Reserve board runs the Govt, not the other way around. Presidents and politicians, and even the founding fathers warned us about the bankers.
  7. ok if you remember let me know. I remember it was a cartoon. I was talking to the wife and she was interested.
  8. I dont remember. There's a book called the creature from jekyll island that you might want to check out.
  9. Hey what was that cartoon on youtube you posted about the fed and the red shield?
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