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Conversation Between darwin31 and WIPurplePride

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  1. So I missed the last few posts of the thread before everything got deleted, how did it end?
  2. I know what your saying and believe me, i totally agree with you. I see that Ryanph *** in our forum all the time and I will be the first to post the address of his forum to reply to his post.

    Only reason I posted that was that over the past couple days a few of their long time members got perma-banned over reasons which may not have been fair. Long story short, it turned into an absurd fight with some of the mods. A lot of them are very angry and feel powerless to do anything becuase they are angry with the mods. Us going in there will only focus that anger at us, then our forum will be flooded with Packer fans.

    I didnt mean to disrespect you, sorry if I did.
  3. Bro,
    I really don't care if those Packers fans don't want to see anybody but their hillbilly selves in their forum. We get Bear and Packer fans all the time in our forums but we don't treat them like that Ryanfag treated Blom. He could have had the courtesy to atleast acknowledge Blom's comment or ignore them instead he just showed him the door by posting the link to the Vikings Thread like he was below him or something...

    So I know you were just trying to keep it civil but they could treat some of the other fans that go into their forum how we treat the non trolls that come into ours.

    Thats all.
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