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Conversation Between darwin31 and dbroncos78087

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  1. Im not even a socialist i just think that when an industries best way to make money is to avoid giving service there needs to be some restraints on them. I mean they do a damn good job of avoiding payment too. The top 15 insurance companies made 18 billion dollars in profit last year.

    Dont get me wrong but profit isnt bad but we need to change the way things work.
  2. I just get irked at the catch phrases that get pushed around. People use the term socialist and get all excited like its some form of witch craft. If people actually read Marx, they would see that the only thing wrong with socialism is that you cant trust the people that would be in charge of running it. That being said, you can say the same thing about where we have taken capitalism.

    Oh yeah, I will try to keep the "propaganda" out of the NFL forum too.
  3. I didnt want to keep going in the NFL forum about it but i am rather liberal and my dad is very conservative and even he knows that FNC is just a propaganda hate network. I watch Glenn Beck but i want to put a petition to get him on after Colbert since i think he belongs on CC.
  4. lol, im trying to keep it cool. With this being a divison rival of mine, im going to have to stop soon before it gets out of hand.
  5. We use to have rep points, and if we still did your comment about the 49ers catching them would have gotten them from me.
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