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Conversation Between homestarunner93 and Jets012

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  1. Not really. I'll probably get cheaper LBs.
  2. Any interest in KJ Wright or Dont'a Hightower in the RD. 6.5 and 7 million respectively
  3. I got a deal moving both of them since you VM'd me. Sorry.
  4. Cool. You might have to take Eackles or do a waive or cutback to make it work. Whatever you decide.
  5. I could do that.
  6. Yo saw that you took over Hornets, nice.

    What for Curry. I'm the Wizards. I can give you my first and Whitney who's decently young
  7. Ehhh I dunno. Maybe Henson after TC.
  8. Any thing on Magic interest you for Luther?
  9. Magic OTC
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